Why you should read the book

by Chris Brogan (1 minute 30 seconds)

What is Gamestorming?

by XPLANE (3 minutes)

Gamestorming explained

by Dave Gray (5 minutes) Open on NextSlide


Dave Gray – Gamestorming from CPSI on Vimeo.

by Dave Gray speaks at the Creative Problem-Solving Institute (CPSI) (26 minutes)

Design Practices for Co-Creation and Engagement

by Dave Gray for Adaptive Path’s UX Week, San Francisco (30 minutes)

A Grammar for Creativity and Innovation

by Dave Gray for iXDA, Savannah (45 minutes)

Informal chat with Michael Dila

A very informal chat with Michael Dila about knowledge games, later dubbed “Gamestorming” (35 minutes)

Bootleg video of the first knowledge games talk

Rough bootleg video shot by Jonathan Litwack with an iPhone (45 minutes)

Gamestorming webcast

Gamestorming Webcast

by Dave Gray for the American Management Association (Opens on their site) (1 hour, including Q&A)

Tummelvision (audio-only podcast)

Dave Gray on Design, Gamestorming and more

Dave Gray speaks with Heather Gold and Deb Schultz of Tummelvision.

AMA podcast (audio only)

Dave Gray on How Games at Work Inspire Creativity

Dave Gray speaks with Doug Sohn of the American Management Association.

Forbes article

In Defense of Games at Work.

Gamestorming author Dave Gray on how games cut through creative chaos. Article by Mac Slocum.

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